Delete this whole folder. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office You would want to take the following steps to uninstall Microsoft Office: This should be a last resort. Let us know how you go. A t tachments 0 Page History.

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Sales and purchases AccountRight: Your installation folder is here v This thread is now closed to new comments. OfficeLink errors can be caused by: Staffing and payroll AccountRight: The instructions weren’t clear I couldn’t find what I was looking olle That’s no good.

Which Microsoft Office versions work with AccountRight v19? Locate the file named autorun.

Could you make nyob back up of the file and then try to Optimise and Verify the file to see if there are any errors? Uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office will refresh the components that are used by OfficeLink.


Ole Driver missing – MYOB Community

Click Finish once the uninstall process is complete. Uninstall and reinstall AccountRight as described in Task 3 below. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.

OfficeLink is a function that allows you to automatically create word processing and mmyob documents using AccountEdge data. The OfficeLink components did not install successfully. Once you’ve downloaded the installation file, complete the following:. If so, highlight it and click Enable.

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Partner Zone Thank you for visiting our Partner Zone. Once downloaded, right click the installer and select ‘run as administrator. Please see your IT professional before attempting this. This should be a last resort.

To uninstall AccountRight, go to start and click control panel or in Windows 8, mouse down to the bottom- right corner, click settings, then click control panel. Skip to end of metadata.

If you have a classic version, please go the AccountRight folder on your hard drive. Canada Year End Procedure.


How to overcome some of the MYOB OfficeLink alert messages

If you have a question please start a new post. Anything that affects the computer system environment can cause OfficeLink to stop functioning.

Maybe our community forum can help. Delete this whole folder. I have gone through and optimised and verifed ope company file and im still receiving the same error. Didn’t find your answer here? Navigate to your AccountRight program folder. Repeat steps 1 to 4 in Microsoft Excel.

MYOB providing you have an active support subscription. Uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office will affect the information stored in Outlook, including emails and contacts. Right click and choose Run as administrator.