We cancelled this order. We all have to die sooner or later And keep in mind: I still have my lovely old MS Force-Feedback joystick. It’s too hard for such a small company like MS to adapt their Sidewinder joystick software to a new, unknown, yeah utterly strange Operating System Ahhh, surprise, as you can see, there are much more ‘good’ points, ehe you didn’t expect to find something else on my page, right? Well, I am a strong believer in 32 bit color modes and I want to have good OpenGL performance, so only to have a single nowadays voodoo card was not an option hopefully the next generation of 3dfx cards will take care of that.

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Pete’s Game Page

The sspu about our next big product for the DC! I liked it better than NWN2, but that’s a matter of taste, I guess. Btw, my personal favourite PC game in was a german production.

The very first dragon flight simulator Drakan is just some rip-off, you might saylet you fly on a dragons back and slay your enemies with dragon fire and your looong mighty lance. It could teach you pacifism, ehehe.

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Pete’s DSound PSX SPU!

Oh my, this text is getting way too long, let me just do a small list of some more baddies: September 20, AlexisiOS. February 22, – Benchmark fun Nowadays I see roughly mails when I check for mails. Joined Apr 11, Messages 3, Reactions 0 Points 0. But what if the copy protection is hating some other software on pwx PC as well?


We Are The Best! I scanned the internet for some others ppl experiences with two cards, but I’ve found nearly nothing.

That games is the cause for the ‘Heavy caching’ option, so be sure to turn it on. But the graphics are fine It’s easy to use, well-defined and stable.

Pete’s DSound PSX SPU! | Next Generation Emulation Forum

I own Crysis, and it worked fine on my PC. And first Aaudio have to check if this disk version is also without DRM. New with version 1. Of course you can also create your own 3D engine from the scratch, just using DirectDraw and some more or less genius 3D functions of your own like ‘Outcast’ did itbut you will miss the build-in card hardware features and speed ups by doing that.

You know, sweet silence I was always sad that 3dfx didn’t do a newer add-on card based on the V3 chipset, sigh, so my V2 lasted a long time, while other cards came and went. There is just one thing that the common people can do: So go and buy yourself the PC game version instead of the XBox one, and be happy.


Because I want to have high-res gfx, speed and sometimes even texture filtering. Or to auvio anybody else to use this idea!

Emulator Problem: None of my PSX Emulators are producing sound or showing up in the Volume Mixer

Listen to the sound quality performance of the Six audio driver over the audible spectrum using the Class D Sound Quality Demonstration. Why do epu want a XBox Emu anyway? But two things I really wanted to fix: Went and started fighting a boss that had been pissing me off all night. Spyro would be nice. The idea to produce rhythmic noise to accompany music has been recently patented!

Tried out all the rest of the games, all had sound problems til I did the menu trick then everything sounded right fine. I fear spy start with Glide nowadays is just a waste of time. Christopher July 28, at So speed can be slow and glitches will show up, and the coder can do nearly nothing to avoid such problems.