The table below lists the exact pins for different SoC variants and some additional notes:. Registered protocol family 2 TCP established hash table entries: Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. Can you help clear it up for me? So is this an oversight in patches like Bean’s patch?

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As a way to mitigate the risks, it may be possible to write a small bootable stub into the first byte sector on the SPI flash. When having physical assess to the device, the firmware is always upgradable from the FEL mode which is activated by pressing a hardware FEL button. In reply to Pecteilis: However please also see the “Security considerations” section below, because it might be unreasonable to allow accessing the SPI flash from U-Boot in the case if U-Boot runs in the non-secure mode on AArch In principle, enabling SPI flash support by default on every sunxi board should have no negative consequences for any other use cases, because this code only gets activated when the SPL part has been booted from SPI by looking at the byte at the offset 0x28 in the SPL header.

OK read-only file system detected In reply to nags:. Privacy policy About flashrom Disclaimers. No matter what kind of command.


Nicolas Ferre The first byte block is read from the address 0, the second byte block is read from the address and this continues until the macrojix first stage bootloader is transferred.

No The feature is known to not work. The feature was tested and should work in general unless there is a bug in flashrom or another component in the system prohibits some functionality. My When I tried to flash using the command.

How to support MXIC nand flash?

Some other boards are also underway and are expected to become available soon. At the moment, the following boards have been tested:.

Write its own bootloader to some accessible higher priority bootable media for example an SD card and then program the SPI flash macroniix it. The table below lists the exact pins for different SoC variants and some additional notes:. But the timing constraints are too tight to do a perfect emulation.

Laptops, notebooks and netbooks are difficult to support and we recommend to use the vendor flashing utility. Dear Chris, Thanks macronic very much for your reply, as I mensioned earlierWe are using rza1L based custom board. This page was last modified on 1 Januaryat There are two possible ways to do this:. Views Read View source View history.

Supported hardware – flashrom

Please report any success or failure, thanks. It is conforming to the old JESD standard.


Just upgrading or initially programming the SPI flash firmware on a perfectly working device is possible too. Out of memory and no killable processes This time is comparable to the DRAM access latency, so we are in a big trouble if we get any L2 cache misses though this can be mitigated by prefetching the right cache line after receiving just enough of the address bits.

We cannot rely only on the op code: Low Level Driver sample code includes Flash command sequences and application code examples which assist programmers during the development of Flash drivers or software applications for Macronix Flash products. Simply updating the vendor firmware should be fine. Halting CPU for downloading file.

mtd: m25p Add support for Macronix MX25LE

Type linuc to establish a target connection, ‘? It looks like the current driver has problems regarding the non 1-x-y modes e. Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere; there’s a lot of text in this conversation, but I’m getting hung up very early. Parsed gpiochip gpio-5 with 16 pins pinctrl-rza1 fcfe