While alcohol can be approval in advance, the behavior described is a violation of Company policy. It is a violation of this Policy to divide a transaction into two or more smaller transactions, or to split an invoice, to reduce the level of required approvals. It is always best to discuss these types of situations with your supervisor or to contact the Legal Department for further guidance. Please remember that ANSYS forbids retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report of suspected inappropriate, fraudulent or unethical conduct. Just as ANSYS is committed to protecting the rights it has in intellectual property and all other forms of confidential information, it is likewise committed to respecting the brands, designs, software and legally protected intellectual property of others. To ensure fairness and integrity in the financial markets, ANSYS employees should not trade in ANSYS securities or those of any other company on the basis of material, non-public information acquired through employment. The ANSYS Ethics Line should not be used in bad faith, or in a false or frivolous manner, or to report personal grievances not involving violations of the Code, a policy or procedure, or other legal or ethics- related issues.

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Intellectual property includes, but is not limited to, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, and trade secrets. We continually face the risk of intruders getting into our network to access sensitive information.

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Government Contracting Officer is a huge go lff an, and I would like to send him passes to an upcoming tournament. ANSYS strives to provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment. Is it OK to share this information with my uncle, since he has already considered selling his stock and this information will be public knowledge in a few days?

She and I have attended workshops together, and I know she is very well versed in our products and has the necessary skills needed to obtain this certification. It is always best to discuss these types of situations with your supervisor or to contact it–wl541 Legal Department for further guidance.

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If any employee believes that actions have taken place, may be taking place, or may be about to take place that violate or would violate the Code, he or she is expected to bring the matter to the attention of the Company. It-wl51 who acts contrary to the principles and standards established by it-wll541 Code, Values and Standards Business Conduct will be subject to up to and including termination, tent with local law.


When in doubt, Stop and Seek Advice. If you have any questions about anti-slavery or human trafficking laws, please contact a member of the Legal Department. Agents and Representatives The payment of anything of value to influence a public official may be illegal even if someone else makes the payment. I work as an Engineer in Sales and a customer of mine requested a letter of recommendation so she can obtain a certification.

For more information and for forms and it-wwl541 in disclosing potential conflicts, please consult the Iy-wl541 of Interest Policy. Anti-trust laws make it illegal for companies to enter into agreements that fix prices, divide markets, limit production or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of market forces.

Depending on the circumstance, non-compliance can put the Company and its employees, officers and directors at risk of civil or criminal liability, or both. In the event the report is made anonymously, however, the Company may not have sufficient information, without knowing the identity of and talking to the reporting employee, to look into or otherwise investigate or evaluate the allegations. Prior to being executed by the Company, all contracts must be reviewed and approved by authorized Company management in accordance with the Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy, the Signature Authority and Financial Approval Checklist and the Purchasing Procedures.

Discrimination or harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited. If your former colleague engages in any anti-competitive behaviors such as discussing prices, pricing strategies, product or it-wl5441 plans or any type of terms of sale, immediately end the conversation and walk way.

Subject to notifying and receiving approval from the Legal Department, ANSYS will provide information that government officials are entitled to during any inspection or investigation, or in response to a request cp information. Ensuring ethical and responsible behavior by ANSYS employees around the world is the responsibility of every Company employee. Price fixing involves any agreement among competitors that tends to raise, lower or stabilize prices or rig bids.


The Company uses disclosure controls to manage the dissemination of business information.

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We should all be able to work in an environment free from violence and threats of violence. The disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, counseling, verbal or written reprimands, warnings, probation or suspension without pay, demotions, reductions in salary, termination of employment or service to the Company and restitution.

Therefore, in addition to compliance with the Code and applicable laws, rules and regulations, all Company employees, officers and directors are expected to observe the highest standards of business and personal ethics in the discharge of their assigned duties and responsibilities. Equally important is that we know when to periodically dispose of documents that are no longer useful or do not need to be retained.

I encourage you to look to this document for guidance to align your choices with our Company values, including contacting me at compliance ansys.

it-wl514 I encourage all of you to take time and thoroughly read through the Code and use it as a resource when you have to choose to do the right thing, even if it is hard. Export Compliance All of us have a responsibility to comply with global trade laws, it-wl5541 export controls, sanctions, customs and anti-boycott regulations. ANSYS employees are responsible for protecting their assigned laptops from damage, loss and theft when they take their laptops from the office for use at home or while traveling.

For more information, please read the Social Media Policy or contact a member of the Legal Department for further guidance.

Specifically, federal law provides that an individual jt-wl541 not be held criminally or civilly liable under any federal or state trade secret law for the disclosure of a trade secret under either of the following conditions: Do I need to report this as a conflict of interest?