With 2VMs, we measured an average latency of 12ms for each VM. Modified Item see all. But today, the cost profile isn’t there yet and businesses with more modest needs shouldn’t worry about being all flash, as the HPE MSA delivers a highly capable, functional and cost-effective solution. You may also like. Got one to sell? Our MSA review unit leverages the 2U 2. HP Lefthand P G2 7.

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A common storage platform allows for future storage consolidation to the SAN. Samsung ZET Review. While the interface was a tad hard to read, it was nice having that option just in case it was the only thing around and a change had to be made. Around the back of the unit, the two controllers are stacked in the middle, flanked on either side by power supplies.

All of these tests leverage the common vdBench workload generator, with a scripting engine to automate and capture results over a large compute testing cluster. Across the board, the array offered exceptional low-latency performance, and in all areas offered strong sub-1ms latency with a broad usable throughput band. Access details will be supplied.

The unit eventually topped out at Sorry, have had bad experience and hence. The MSA interface remains very familiar for those who have administered storage before. These workloads offer a range of different testing profiles ranging from “four corners” tests, common database transfer size tests, as well as trace captures from different VDI environments.


Looking at how well the array handled itself under load, we look at our 99th percentile latency at both 4VM and 8VM workload levels. With 2VMs, we measured an average latency of 12ms fontroller each VM.

These chassis’ are tested and in excellent condition. Behind the HPE bezel sit the 24 drive carriers. In our application workloads, we saw fantastic performance. In the MSA1. It should be noted zcsi HPE doesn’t officially support mobile browsers for MSA management, but most functionality worked well in our testing regardless.

This is a used item not refurbished but is in excellent condition. At this stage, the controllers still has some head-room left in them, which is great for future expansion.

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Nearly full functionality was offered through a mobile browser, in this case a lab iPhone. Arrayy arrays have been tested and are in perfect working condition. What Makes Us Different?. All relevant serial numbers are logged in a data base, we also use warranty stickers where appropriate.

HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review

We tested two flash configurations in this unit. Advanced users can also leverage a broad range of CLI commands through its console access.


Users are able to select which pool the storage is located inside of, as well as a preference to which storage tier the data should reside. Tested by onsite technicians and in full working order.

Additional SSDs add a significant cost to the overall purchase price of the array. While our traditional usage of this benchmark has been to test large 3,scale databases on local or shared arrray, in this iteration we focus on spreading out four 1,scale databases evenly across the MSA two VMs per controller.

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This array has been fully tested and upgraded to the latest TSP firmware. This allows us to repeat the same workloads across a wide range of storage devices, including flash arrays and individual storage devices. Performance shouldn’t be undervalued though, even in a system where performance isn’t the lead feature.

The MSA easily hits on xevice fronts, while also being affordable.

Got one to sell?