I have installed the exe. Skype always gave the message that it could not start the video and to close other programs… but there were none. Hi, I use this to capture the video signal for use in vMix. More when I get into it! My laptop is HP Windows 10, and the disc is Version 4.

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I use Ubuntu So I tried toDisable driver signing enforcement, but still had same problem any ideas from anybody.

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If you downloaded it, could you please tell me which of them it was? I will host these driver packages as long as I can and mirror them if the server load is too high.

And it so happened that I found on your site. Thank You so much.

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I have the Easycap plugged in, how do I get Encoder to recognise or display it? Is there another driver to get the sound from yhe VHS tape working? There are a number of linux programs that can be used but most of them run from the command line. Thank you so much for the post, the driver EasyCap-W7-Wx64 work fine for my easy capture.


It is hard to identify the chipset of any EasyCAP device before buying because most onlineshops ebay, amazon do not mention in the provided technical data the chipset of the device. Question is, has anyone here solved the interlacing issue?

All I want is to get on line to download it. I hate to bother you with this question. I need drivers for Windows 8.


Please and thank you. Do you have any update for this? Yes, let us know Paul. There is no selection for In my unqualified opinion, if it works to convert my precious VHS then its worth spreading the news. Try to run this command from the terminal: Date 30 Jan I have the empiw same problem here!!

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Did you install the driver that came with the device or did you download it from one of the links above? Thanks so much for your comment!

I would have never though to use my phone! I have been trying for a long time.


The software does not allow us to change the video aspect and as a result we end up with a picture that stretches from top to bottom of screen, but is only about 30cm wide when we try to playback on our bigscreen TV.

All links have been updated. Does anyone have any ideas that might help? Up to drivers not work!!!

Thank you in advance! The driver I used was this one from the list above the grabber STK link: What drive is for Wondows 8. Drivers for Easycap sought wherever possible!