I know I can use gaiagps with an overlay but prefer just to swap to google maps usually. No charge applies to changing a Freedom plan. Andrew Skurka June 17, at 1: Mike A Fisher October 4, at 3: I use paper maps last and gadgets first. So where in the app do you do this?

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Andrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. Any data that you create in the field gets automatically sent over the Iridium satellite network back to your office so people could actually follow your field work in real time. Note that the log interval is different than the tracking interval.

If you need the accuracy for a waypoint, just use the averaging function before saving the waypoint. Multiple email exchanges resulted in this message: I can only imagine how much faster emergency response would be on back country raft trips or if I had an ddlhorme and was alone.

And then bring backup battery chargers for your team. Per my Garmin contact: Important Subscription Details All prices subject to change. Two reasons to buy the Explorer. I was interested in what your battery life was using 10 minute interval tracking, and did it include X amount of average daily messages to your spouse?

Two reasons to buy the DeLorme inReach Explorer over the SE

Stay connected when you need to, from land, sea and air. We are exploring ways to incorporate this into future products. I delhofme like the fact that with Topo Maps, the entire quad up to 20 quads at once is downloaded, which greatly simplifies knowing exactly what areas you have covered by maps, and then, if you have a signal, you can open the location with imagery, screen shot it for later use, or simply build a cache by zooming around.


Only ever having used the Explorer, I am unable to comment on the SE.

12 FAQ’s: inReach SE+ & Explorer+ || Incl, Will old devices be serviced?

Eve August 2, at 1: Pairs with Mobile App. Thanks for leaving a message. If you have been turned over to The Thomas Agency for similar issues, delhirme should advise them that Delorme has failed to uphold their end of the contract and therefore not entitled to any fees and that is The Thomas Agency pursues collection they will be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which protects consumers from wrongful collection practices.

The Namibian border with Angola.

Satellite Communication Devices | inReach® by GARMIN

Andrew Skurka March 1, at 5: I was gsp hurt only a skinned elbow however the Inreach Explorer hanging around my neck broke…completely dead. If this is the case someone please speak up because that is their only defense towards my dispute. No charge applies to changing a Flex plan.


Only want an infrequent communication device I can count on.

If you cancel is there another fee? Personal Plans For outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, explorers, travelers and anyone who needs a global communications solution, an inReach device and satellite subscription can mean added preparedness and peace of mind when you need to stay connected. Moreover, because the issue is well documented and well known to DeLorme, any collection activity extortion to enforce collection of the contract would be malicious.

DeLorme inReach Explorer vs SE: Two reasons to buy the Explorer

Andrew Skurka March 1, at 8: I risked not taking a sat phone to trial the efficiency of its coms systems. As we understand your frustration regarding this matter and for this reason we have supplied you with our final offers regarding this request, neither of which delhormr credit for service.

NAC January 7, at 6: Thank you very much. No refund on the annual fee for the device which doesnt work and it was pulling teeth to get a refund for tr-220 monthly fees. I want to use the explorer gps as a reciever for the tablet.