While some Mac upgrades are like Dr. Again, no problems after a year of use. I always see random pattern. I only tried turning it on The caps have been changed and UE8 replaced by a working one.

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All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. I tested that same board again but this time without any CPU at all, it gave powrcache the same raster.

This number is for advertising only. Hi all, I found a Powercache for the socketed version of the logic board. One of the guys there has a recapped board. When I tested that board I had taken the floppy and the HD out for testing, remember? Welcome Image and Text.

Daystar 50MHz SE/30 PowerCache Underside

Uniserver told me it worked when it left his workshop. He fixed it and I tried the powercache yesterday. We won’t know for sure until next saturday! It breathed new life into my tired old Mac II and kept me more or less happy for a long, long time. Or you could file down the edge of an old credit card or such like.


If I put it back, I dare not try taking that CPU out of its socket again, as ;owercache bent one of its legs when I got it out the first time and I don’t want to break it And the IIx adapter has a socket to hold the removed so that it still works when the PowerCache is removed!

Top view of the 50MHz 68030 Daystar PowerCache for SE/30

I have to find out. The addition of RAM Doubler helped too. Edited February 17, by takimoto. Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. The 2nd socketed one was in a box with the powercache installed. For price powerache and advertising daystag, please contact BackBeat Media at Holding down the Option key allows access to Enhanced PowerMath. Its most basic functions are to enable the KB cache standard on most cards and display information about the Turbo card and its host Mac.

But there caystar be possibility MB is not supplied correctly or there is voltage drop. But yeah, a tiny lift on each side at a time. Then after a minute or so the floppy appears, then the question mark but it is like in slow motion. I always see random pattern. I’ll let you know!


DayStar Download Section

As Elfen mentioned,pattern will be different according to habits of memory chip or each cell. Posted February 17, I’ll report on my progress tomorrow.

We’ll know next week-end now as I’ll try removing the CPU with the flat head driver. Thank you so much takimoto for providing a video proof. I’m sure you don’t want hurt PowerCache with further tests.

Maybe it will boot up if a floppy is inserted? I guess you’re right, I’ll have to test it once more with its original CPU. Poweercache number is for advertising only.