Everything seems to work perfectly except from the audio. Assign some outputs in VST connections. For some reason, you have the track’s Input Transformer on see screenshot. I have normally two solutions which help: BobTheDog , Apr 14,

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No sound on my computer in Cubase AI 6 –

How does it look in the Mixer window? Because I tried my Finale and the sound works just fine. I was not apportioning blame, I just thought it was a good idea to post on the Steinberg forum as somewhere there may have the answer.

The computer’s audio card is a Realtek HD Audio card.

For now, you don’t need it. Once you get it working you’ll find C5 very stable. Chbase “main mix output channel” shows no activity whatsoever. Is it possible to use channel 10 for this? However after playing an audio file from a web page via a browser Cubase then stopped making any sound. My fave to see it all working in Nitro, with it’s slow tempo mapped filter sweep and delay, makes any Bucket Of Sh! I own Komplete 5 and have just tested all instruments as effect plugins with Cubase 5.


Anyway, it’s still not working.


My sound card is working. Can someone at NI reposed to this post?

If so, that’s fine. Book Quotations Free Download. You can skip that. This is the title of your first post.

Yes I’ve upgraded to Cubase 4 4. In any case, sound card with ASIO driver other, than built-in is recommended. Everytime i set the audio device and device port to built-in audio L and R, the outputs themselves automatically change to “not connected”. Can you send screenshots?

No, create an account now. Or if there’s another solution using my current eLicenser USB dongle. Intel I7 k 2. My main purpose installing the Cubase 6 is just sx33 play some short tracks from my rhythm studies class.

This will turn off the Realtek device and leave you with only the outboard sound device. So I can ensure you that it is possible. I guess if no one else replies you should contact Steinberg support.


Happy Holidays!

Do you already have an account? Add a MIDI channel and route the bo to the track of interest. Can you confirm how this works? Very frustrating in matters like these where using an older software is required.

Make a track with a drum loop for 16 bars or whatever. I as a Cubase Studio user am not interested in why my plug works in Cubase 4, I simply expect from NI to make it work in Valix host, which is a standard one.