Woohoo, my wireless is working: I’ll try to post the error message. New sealed D link pcmcia wifi adapter Sealed New and unused Grab a bargain. Specifically, using a Broadcom wireless card in a Compaq Presario laptop. I ran a speed test and I get the exact same results in Kubuntu than in Windows.

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bt voyager laptop adapter driver

Broadcom Corporation BCM Not sure if anybody had posted about that yet 74 pages of posts. Dell latitude D Pentium M 1. Any ideas about what to check?

I put the sucurity key in Hex and activate the eth1. I am a very new beginner. To answer my own question: You Ubuntu guys are going to bring Linux to The Masses. When I type iwconfig this is what I get, it is still showing the last network I tried to connect to before plugging back in the network cable. I will appreciate any help you can provide on this matter as I really can’t use the system without a working wireless card.

Just a small note that would of saved me alot of fustration – After your done following the steps, make SURE your press the button that turns your wireless off or on!


How can I get BT voyager 1065 wireless card working on Ubuntu 9.10?

Thanks for the howto! I’ve been searching around for why this is different under KDE but haven’t found anythiing. FW13 ] [ In a compleatly plutonic way of course. This isn’t a big deal, 165 can anyone explain why it happens or how to make it work right on startup?

How can I get BT voyager wireless card working on Ubuntu ? | Yahoo Answers

Everything works on this laptop now. I linxu reboot here and make sure the wireless light goes out 3 Install ndiswrapper Put in Ubuntu CD. Konsole spit out a bunch of error messages, but it still opened Kate.

I confirm not all the links in the post work correctly: It seems that most people had errors along the way, but everything I did seemed to go smoothly.

Alas, the wireless card did not work, back in Hi,I have the wrong checksum error too but at fwcutter’s web page it seems that my wireless card which is Broadcom is supported. All I had to do was go to Synaptic and download the bcm43xxx cutter the one with the ubuntu logo next to it. Just wanted to say thanks, you saved me a lot of work.


I should have tried this first This How To is awesome.

Never been better without wireless connection, and never been better without this community. I tried to use the first link that the tutorial said to do if you have the BCM card, but everytime I type it in I replaced gedit with Kate of course. Well I don’t see any difference in the download speed.

I have a dell Inspironthe internal card is ID bcm I sucessfully downloaded the file from http: So, I have a brand new installation of dapper 6.

Download bt voyager 1065 laptop adapter

I previously tried a lot of methods, but yours was the one that worked. I’m trying to do this on Edgy. It didn’t work for me. After that this guide worked for my pc Dell inspiron