The integrated video chip manages to keep up well enough to produce a visually glitch free frame rate. When it comes to mobility that means cutting the cord. With the C Series, Averatec has extended its tradition of innovative mobile computing in a way that offers users two compelling mobile products, in a single compact package, said Saeed Shahbazi, President of Averatec. Averatec itself, a computer company located in Orange County, Calif. The C offers a Averatec calls the screen high contract, and it indeed is contrasty and color saturated when viewing photos or watching DVDs. This is an attractive machine that looks anything but cheap.

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In all sveratec, running wirelless game on just about any notebook with the exception of the Dell XPS notebook or one of the incredibly powerful gaming machines from Voodoo and Alienware is going to bring the machine to its knees. I should mention however, that this machine definitely gets hot! Share your success experience after you get your part.

Kias and Hyundais have become credible cars even though they started as inexpensive copies of Japanese vehicles. The Averatec comes with the improved Microsoft Office OneNotea must-have tablet application that lets you take notes with the pen and organize your notes in highly customizable aveeatec. The Edition also adds the ability to download windows updates from MS, but delay their installation until shutdown so wieeless you don’t have to reboot your computer for updates.

And an S-Video TV-out connector that none of the others have. Tablets are meant to be carried around and held in your hands. I was astounded to have the machine shut itself down before I could finish. There is a lock on the counterclockwise directly so that you don’t accidentally turn the notebook in a wrong direction. One manufacturer seized this opportunity and introduced a sleek and sexy roadster that anyone could own.


This is an attractive machine that looks anything but cheap. While the C looks like most other Tablet PC convertibles, it has many of its own merits.

Averatec C series Wireless LAN Card , P, I4L-MS

Although the pen looks like a Wacom pen and the digitizer acts like a Wacom digitizer, it is not a Wacom digitizer. Please provide feedback after you receive your order.

The digitizer offers levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality for a more natural feel. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Customer Feedback Last Week. And the C name is likely meant to invoke the Portege just as Mazda once came up with the name Miata that was almost the same as the Italian Siata sports cars and roadsters built until the early s.

The only issue that is up for debate regarding any pen or digitizer that is not manufactured by Wacom, is a question on incompatible drivers. These LEDs wrap around the display panel at the bottom so that you can see them in both tablet mode and traditional laptop mode. SiS M video c3050 with 32MB shared memory. wireles

I was able to successfully run Quake Wireeless and Soldier of Fortuneboth slightly older games but nevertheless fairly demanding on video resources. The screen won’t disappear or black out when you view it at an off angle. Averatec Laptop Replacement Parts for Averatec. It looks great and certainly protects the shiny C It is a notebook computer that morphs into a tablet by twisting its display and folding it down flat onto the keyboard, LCD side up.


However if you disconnect the power and run the tablet on battery power, the Averatec gets considerably cooler as the power management slows down the CPU which will in turn generates less heat. Averatec C Convertible Tablet PC Averatec is offering a shining gem of a mobile computer at an unprecedented price. The C offers a What does this price mean?

Even more fascinating for most folks is to watch me pop out the pen, rotate the display and proceed to write directly on the screen. Please enter the code shown.

Averatec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC Review (pics, specs)

The bottomline here is that the Averatec C’s automotive metaphor should not be the Miata. I have not experienced any notable interruption in my signal in 30 days of testing.

Nicely built machine that feels solid and can take some bumps in the backpack. Style is integrated inside and out.