The left most position represents adapter index 1. Added new block diagram. The Audio Science drivers are a “monlithic” kinda deal in that the one package is intended for most if not all of their product. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. For bus-based adapters, this is determined by the adapter index jumper on the card.

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Simian automation system questions Asj, most of the onboard sound in awi is quite good! Developer Windows — Phantom power is controlled using….

After the EXE has run, reboot your computer and the audio adapter will be operational. These are independently set using the MRX multi rate mixer, so that, for instance, you can have the adapter running at 96kHz, but be playing files of The gain interface is the same one used on stereo line ins and line outs. Not much more was revealed. Filter Q — The sharpness of the filter. See the list of controls in the previous section that that are only available in ASIControl.

Filter Freq — The center frequency of the filter. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. Different adapters will have different modes available, and not all adapters have modes. Third party CobraNet devices are listed last as they have no AudioScience index.

  C-MEDIA CMI9739A/9761 @ SIS 7012 DRIVER

The reason zsi that the ASI series of sound cards comes with a virtual mixer in its software that Simian uses to make smooth axi from audio file to audio file. Under Windows, a dialog box will pop up informing you that the computer has detected a new Multimedia Audio card.

There are two types of drivers for Windows: I’m actually using Audition CS6 on Win7.

Also included is a microphone input, with low noise preamp and a 48V phantom supply. The next position represents 3, and the rightmost position, when jumpered, represents 4.

Simian automation system questions. Any advice is appreciated. I don’t see the need for a expensive card.

Adapter Index switch set to Adapter 1 4. I’m not that familiar with SImian, but it may need some other method of accepting triggers. As I described, not just an issue of sound quality but one of the proper functioning of the system.

Audioscience Drivers and Utilities

521 We have two different locations, the logs are just e-mailed from the main office to the other station, where the afternoon guy loads it in for the next day. Developer Windows — Microphone gain is controlled using…. A reboot is necessary after changing adapter mode. The higher the Q, the more selective the filter is.



Though not sure that is what is proposed. For a new card no changes need to be made. BTW, Simian isn’t exactly the best when it comes to customer support. I obviously don’t understand the subtleties of all the acronym-rich arcana involved in this. Originally Posted by gophergirl. Every day when you go into work, job 1 is “how am I going to put more business on the station today”. We have 5 different satellite feeds which we run into five different channels leaving the faders upand use a relay board to turn channels on and off as needed.

You can also connect these devices to a relay panel also made by Measurement Computing for various switching functions.

Despite aai proprietary, Steinberg’s ASIO has less problems associated with it than the alternatives, and that’s really what Audio Science, if they had any decency, should be supplying you with.