If the auto tune fails, or if the counts exceed the input counts, perform the manual adjustment in the next step The Fast and Slow Thresholds can be adjusted manually. In the Units box type in the energy units, e. To address this issue Amptek has released new software and firmware that uses the WINUSB driver that is compatible with all operating systems both 32 and bit. If you will use the hardware only on bit operating systems you do not need to perform the upgrade. Software computes centroids, FWHM, net area, and other quantities.

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DP4 and PX4 Digital Pulse Processor Software – Amptek – X-Ray Detectors and Electronics

The upgrade has already been applied. All users should download this software.

Complete documentation and examples are included in this package. The software must always be calibrated in order to change the channel scale into an energy scale.

When performing a manual installation, follow the instructions in the document precisely and carefully. A lower gain corresponds to a higher energy range, and a higher gain to a lower energy range. Gain can be controlled by increment and decrement buttons on the toolbar, or by setting a specific value in the Setup display. Follow this link amtek DPP installation instructions.


DPPMCA Display & Acquisition Software

Please see the DPP installation instructions. This software is free and can be downloaded from this link. My computer is asking to install the USB drivers again, even though I installed them previously. Mark an ROI region of interest around each peak.

Amptek will mail the necessary instructions and hardware. If the computer does not have access to the internet, or if you are using an unsupported operating system, install the driver manually using the Manual WINUSB Driver Installation Instructions.

The scale should now be in energy. This will enter the center position of the peak into the Channel box. Put the source back and check if the spectrum appears.

If it is not press F7, this toggles between calibrated units and channels. Includes capability for simple arithmetic manipulation, e. Now click the cursor into the second peak it will highlight. Click on Centroid, enter the second energy, e. All Amptek current products FW6 can be installed with the following instructions. It is best to use peaks that are on the two ends of the energy range of interest.


It is a socketed part so no soldering is required.

DP4 and PX4 Digital Pulse Processor Software

File Formats Data saved as. Try adjusting the start and end points of the ROI. Click the Delta button to get back to normal MCA mode and put the source back in front of the detector. There should now be two lines in the box. To adjust the energy range it is always the gain of the system that must be changed. Once the appropriate gain full scale energy is found, the software can be calibrated.

User can set regions of interest ROIs for peaks. Many functions are also accessed by toolbar buttons. Qmptek no spectrum or a distorted spectrum will appear if the fast and slow thresholds are not set properly.

Amptek highly recommends using the Professional version of any Microsoft operating system Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, etc. Products for your imagination. Oscilloscope mode displays pulse shapes for tuning of hardware parameters.