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Forex peace army ic markets

forex peace army ic markets

News (SM support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! It is not too late for the United States to make a difference in Syria as we did in Libya, Lieberman recently announced. According to the deal, Syria would purchase 20 million cubic meters of Iranian gas a day with Iraq acting as a transit agent. As for Turkey, its saber-rattling goes no further than making a lot of noise. Any export of Syrian-purchased Iranian gas to the EU would thus be transited through the Russian-docked port of Tartus. Instead, the US should impose a safe zone in northern Syria. E-mail: while CNN WAS promoting terrorists in Syria, (95 of Syrian rebels are not, syrians a little noticed headline appeared in the Wall Street Journal in July 2011.

In that case, one should unlock Guantanamo, arm all of its inmates and bring them to Syria to do the fighting. In August 2011, Syrian exploration companies discovered a huge new gas field in Homs near its border with Lebanon and just east of the Russian-leased Naval port of Tartus on the Mediterranean situated above the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Foiling the Jews at their own game, Putin cut a deal in August 2012 with Syria.

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Jews FOR jihad THE jews WHO control US foreign policy continue to agitate for a US military invasion of Syria in Jewrys ongoing quest to topple Bashar al-Assad. Vladimir Putin is keeping the enterprise under wraps knowing that he stands to be a big winner in this new geopolitical equation. Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Putin rebuffed Lieberman, saying: Some people want to use militants from al Qaeda to accomplish their goals in Syria. The rewards for Putinconsidered by many to be a geopolitical genius are manifold, both for Russias purse and its political leverage with regard to the. Email: Media patronage: Natalia Hajdera, phone: ext. Beata Socha, phone: ext. YouTube, support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! 264, email: Managing Editor. Email: Editorial: Editor-in-Chief, morten Lindholm, phone: ext.

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