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C# get forex db name from connection string

c# get forex db name from connection string

supported: 'data source'. ExecuteReader while (ad string In the above code, you can see that we can get the list of database names using sys. Now what if we want to update, insert or delete a record in the database? Data.SqlClient namespace, and about using an appropriate connection string. For John this works great (Ill tell you in a moment why it works, but still isnt great but for DArtagnan (a musketeer) this wont work at all! In this case Im going to select all persons from the table rson. Others use an ORM like NHibernate, Entity Framework or linq To SQL, but have no idea whats going. But even replacing every apostrophe with double apostrophe wont work. Creating a, connection, so lets start. Maybe youve heard of SQL Injection Attacks.

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c# get forex db name from connection string

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Once the plan is decided its cached and re-used when the exact same query is called. ExecuteNonQuery In case you want your original employee back, here is his original birthdate. While the apostrophe is all good in C# it ends a string in SQL. You will find some valid connection strings here: m/sqlite/ But you cannot use the SqlConnection class to connect to a SQLite database. By creating parameterized queries the query plan can be re-used for different values and SQL injection belongs to the past!

c# get forex db name from connection string

I read the following link and read the accepted answer, I found that is the best way to get userid and password out from connection string, but what about, database Name?
Hi Luigi, I haven t tested this, but if you create an SqlConnection it has.
Database property that might hold the value you need.
If the connection string.
Now, with the help of this list, we can validate the database connection string.