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Not trade forex during major news

not trade forex during major news

the general open availability of information in the forex market tends to be market flow information. The monetary policy of the Bank of England. While Asian stock markets rose overnight, investors have reduced interest in the Japanese currency.

Conversely, while news releases are usually the most volatile periods of a typical trading day, a very unusual release may be welcomed with relative calm if the market decides to. Commerce Department and National Security Council were proposing enhanced export controls to keep such technologies as (information technology, aerospace, marine engineering, pharmaceuticals, advanced energy vehicles, robotics and other high-technology industries) from being shipped to China. Since volatility is so high in this period, the profit/loss potential is also the highest. Rating:.0/ 5 (2971 votes cast).0 out of 5 based on 2971 ratings. Many news traders seek at least a 50 percent surprise in the data to consider the release tradeable. In this article, we show you how news impact the financial markets, what this means for your own trading and provide you with some trading tips around such events.