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Short lived in a sentence

short lived in a sentence

lived. 4- The beneficial effect may be short lived. The widely held assumption at the time was that the war would be short lived. But his satisfaction was short-lived when he glanced at his watch. When this care of old people is short-lived, the inevitable prelude to death, it is accepted as natural. 2- The fall from grace was short lived. Origin of short-lived, first recorded in 158090, related formsshort-livedness, noun m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Examples from Classical Literature She bore two sons Otus and ephialtes, but both were short lived. However, the period immediately after the Conquest saw short-lived hereditary surnames beginning to emerge.

short lived in a sentence

This liberty was short - lived however. Parliament, deeply suspicious of the King s intentions, proclaimed his Declaration illegal in, february. Although it was short - lived, Orphism was the first movement devoted explicitly to non-representational colour abstraction. The lead was short - lived, Ovenden, in their first attack of the half, broke free on the right.

There is also a steady turnover of smaller, and often short-lived, black music mags reflecting underground phenomena like hip-hop. The moment was well-earned, and, true to form, was short lived. My excitement was very short lived as the forex nedir ne ie yarar shock wave from the explosion rushed towards. The bad news was short-lived, however, as FOX ordered a new script and new pilot the very next month based on the same concept. Unlike the greenhouse gases, which spread evenly across the globe, sulphur dioxide's effects are short-lived and regional. The short-lived uprising fizzled out in the face of strong opposition from government forces. 1- But her college life was short lived.