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Long candle trading strategy

long candle trading strategy

aiming at these lows for 141 pips, which means that this is almost a 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio trade. One is the 10 EMA ( green ) the other is 20 EMA (white ). So be careful, and remember that price is cyclical. Meaning that lets say that we are looking at the Euro-US dollar on the four hour chart, and that we hit a level and the last bullish candle is a 15 pip candle from high to low. I personally would like the price to at least pull back to the 10 EMA ( green ) first before entering to sell. For any trade that I want to enter. Here in this post, i will be sharing on a proven Breakout Strategy which I nailed more than 280 pips trading the Gbp/Jpy.

I would be using the 2 EMAs to help me decide when to exit the market. We have this level of resistance to the upside. This bar closed below the lows of the two dojis, setting up a low close doji. Hope You would be applying this Breakout strategy of mine to Your own trading soon And grab some nice Pips ( Profits ) for Yourself during such Explosive Breakout! Heres an example of what could be a main rejection at a key level. Of e net profits of USD 3,199.13 also make me a happy breakout trader too! Now lets go to the charts and lets go through a couple of examples.