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Intraday trading strategies formulae

intraday trading strategies formulae

a maximum of Rs 5000 from the Rs 25000 invested. Clearly with a shooting star, the call is to short Cipla at 442, with 446 as the stoploss. If you had to copy, from whom will you copy, Nithin or Siva? Equity is another word for a company's assets once all its debts have been paid off.

intraday trading strategies formulae

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Typically every derivative contract will have its own OI, Nifty August futures will have its own OI and September futures will have its own. For a long trade, look for the immediate resistance level as target. I have deliberately compressed the chart to include more data points, the reasons for which I will shortly explain. One is Nithin pdf trading forex who has almost 15 years of experience in the domain and on the other side is this boy called Siva who is just 2 years into the business and still confused about what the business is all about. Step 4) Fit a horizontal line Connect the three price action zones with a horizontal line. 11.4 Optimization and checklist Perhaps, we are now at the most important juncture in this module. Like we did while understanding resistance, let us imagine a bearish pattern formation perhaps a shooting star at 442 with a high of 446. The price level is usually depicted in a range and not at a single price point.

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