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Usd dollar rate now

usd dollar rate now

December, 12: exchange rate.31 Rupees, maximum.36 Rs, minimum.26. 23 USD 1,654.16 INR. The average rate for the month.88. 490 USD 35,240.80 INR. 65 USD 4,674.80 INR. Maximum rate.05, minimum.83. 53 USD 3,811.76 INR.

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Dollar to Rupee forecast on Thursday, December, 13: exchange usd exchange rate in uganda rate.49 Rupees, maximum.55 Rs, minimum.43. 650 USD 46,748.00 INR. 5400 USD 388,368.00 INR. 79 USD 5,681.68 INR. 840 USD 60,412.80 INR. Dollar to Rupee forecast on Tuesday, November, 27: exchange rate.89 Rupees, maximum.95 Rs, minimum.83. 130 USD 9,349.60 INR.