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Anz currency exchange melbourne airport

anz currency exchange melbourne airport

to give you a good exchange rate. Credit cards are widely accepted in the US everywhere, so there is no great rush to get cash. Travelex operates seven money exchange counters at the Melbourne airport, both before and after you go through security.

Chinatown, 23 0 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Compare foreign currency exchange rates from over 50 currencies. ANZ offer travel cash, cards, cheques and more, including international money transfers. Buy foreign currency cash from ANZ when travelling overseas to pay for small expen ses. Buy at a branch or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre.

The one exception would be using an airport ATM those usually dispense cash at a better rate, so if your home bank card is foreign transaction fee-free, this is a good option. Things may be different if you need to visit some small/remote towns. Many of these counters advertise 0 commission, but thats because theyre making their profits by marking up the exchange rates they offer you. No matter how you choose to get the AUD you need for your trip, remember to always compare rates and fees. Sources: (July 10, 2018 this publication is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals.

This guide contains helpful information on currency exchange in Melbourne airport.
Two, ANZ provided a higher (better) indicative exchange rate than Travelex.
There are Travelex counters and a Travelex ATM in Departures.

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