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The best day trading strategies for futures markets

the best day trading strategies for futures markets

and multiplied them by their point value. Do your own research. We measure the candle body as a percentage of the entire candlestick.

To provide an idea though, NinjaTrader brokerage offers the following day trading margins on these contracts. That means you should have a larger account to trade. The measure of the amount of market movement is known as volatility. This is the type of strong trading range you want to see breaking out of the 90 day price high. Holding a single contract through a typical trading day could see your profit/loss take a 1,800 swing (36 points x 50/point). Here you can see how the stocks trading range is almost triple the recent trading range for this stock. The best way to assess a futures markets liquidity is to look at its trade volume and open interest.

Notice I wait for the gap and then enter a market order immediately after the opening gap. During a typical trading session, the price may only move once or twice, resulting in few opportunities for profit. There are two ways to measure volatility. Your broker decides on the day trading margin. Futures on the Hong Kongs HSI and Koreas kospi are great alternatives. Eurodollar futures (GE) can be ruled out as a day trading choice unless you like very slow movement. Earlier, I explained why day traders should trade futures. (An exception is a short volatility options strategy which is rare in day trading.) The more the market moves, the higher our profit potential. Everything beyond that point is the same except the initial set up can substitute the first gap if the extended trading range is sufficiently strong enough. Always Start With Daily Chart, you want to start with the daily chart so that you can see the past trading history and the characteristics of the market you choose to trade. It was difficult to start.